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How to Take Care of Your Teeth and Stay Out of the Dental Office

What is Preventive Dental Care? Preventive dental care is an important element in maintaining good oral health. It includes practices that support teeth and gums such as; brushing, flossing, maintaining a healthy diet, and seeing a dentist regularly for checkups and routine cleanings. The basics of Preventative Dental Care The most obvious, and no doubt […]

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Holistic Dentistry Done Right

Who’s Afraid of a Little Dentistry?   It turns out that quite a few people are afraid of the dentist; up to 75 percent of adults report that they experience some form of dental anxiety. For the vast majority of dental anxiety sufferers, it’s the more invasive procedures – such as oral surgery – that […]

The Importance of an Aligned Bite

Correcting A Misaligned Bite Can Add a Youthful Look to Your Years Do you suffer from nagging neck pain, persistently stiff jaw, severe headaches and/or do you habitually grind your teeth? If so, you may have a misaligned bite or ‘malocclusion’. A malocclusion exists when the teeth and jaw joints do not properly fit together. […]


Safe and Effective Metal-Filling Removal

Those ‘Silver’ Fillings Are Actually Quicksilver For years now, groups like the Environmental Protection Agency and The National Institute of Standards and Technology have been working to curtail the use and proliferation of mercury thermometers1 because of the dangers that they pose to both consumers and the environment.  Wikipedia says, “Mercury is used primarily for […]

Ozone Dentistry in Los Angeles

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry and Beyond When most people hear the word ‘ozone’ the first thing that comes to mind usually has something to do with atmospheric conditions over the Antarctic. For those of us in the holistic dental field, ozone means much more. The Facts About Ozone Ozone, a gas known as O3, is […]


The Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique (TM)

Well, if you’re the patient getting operated on, maybe you don’t think it’s so cool. Unless you’re the rare exception who likes needles in your gums. But you should be excited, because this technique will allow your gums to be shaped with minimal risk, pain, and down-time. Its inherently minimally invasive and low-maintenance. There is […]


Gum Recession: The How and The Why

How do people end up with recessed gums? Gum recession is a common result brought about by gum disease  (or its more advanced stages of gingivitis and periodontitis) and abrasive over-brushing (brushing your teeth too harshly too often with the wrong brush). Perhaps poor dental work in the past has caused an imbalance in the mouth, possibly a […]