If you’ve read my previous posts, which can be found here, you are now aware of the research that’s been done on the substance of mercury being released from amalgam fillings and how it will be absorbed into your body at the cellular level. I want to explore further how your body deals with this mercury invasion and why you might not immediately know that mercury is in your system and is affecting your body’s ability to function as it should.

The first thing to know is that your body is designed to function in amazing ways to protect you! In fact, your body will do its best to remove the mercury toxin that you’re putting into it if you have amalgam fillings. Two important antioxidants are glutathione (GSH) and alpha-lipoid acid (ALA). Both of these help to remove the mercury in your cells and detoxify your system, as well as having other purposes for your health. If you have amalgam fillings, both of these antioxidants are working inside of you daily, removing mercury from your system and protecting you. This is great news, but the problem comes when we see that the body’s ability to remove this mercury is depleted by removing it. Both GSH and ALA are produced by your body, but research has shown that more GSH is required to remove mercury than your body can create. Because of this, as these antioxidants are daily fighting to keep your system mercury free, they are depleting and their ability to remove mercury grows weaker.

How much mercury your system is being exposed to will necessarily impact how much depletion of GSH and ALA there is. How many amalgam fillings you have and how often you grind your teeth/snack will determine this amount of mercury, and also the strength of the GSH and ALA. No matter how much, the mercury will still have a negative effect on your body because it is poisonous to you. Eventually, when you body can no longer keep up, studies show that the mercury will buildup in your system and this is how symptoms will arise.

What are the symptoms of mercury buildup? Because mercury invades your system on the cellular level and weakens the bodies defense, the symptoms can be incredibly varied and can seem to have no relation to your dental fillings. For example, just the depletion of GSH alone results in a general weakening of the immune system, which in turn opens your body up to many other problems; it leaves your defenseless against all sorts of illness that your body should be able to fight. This is an example of how mercury can indirectly effect your body, but there are also many direct symptoms of the poison. The list is long, and some of the common ones can be found here. This variety of symptoms and indirect links to other diseases is why many people who have had amalgam fillings for years and never had problems don’t think to check for mercery poisoning when they begin to show symptoms of bad health. Even with the amount of research and various studies that have been done, it’s not one of the things that is at the top of the list of considered causes.

Below is an incredibly important video that demonstrates the toxicity of mercury in amalgam fillings. I highly recommend watching it and learning visually about the effects that I’ve been writing about.

The fact is that research has shown that having amalgam fillings puts mercury into your body, and mercury is harmful to your health. Even if you’re not showing the listed symptoms, or even if you can say, “oh, I feel fine!”, I highly recommend having your amalgam fillings removed by a mercury-safe dentist. There is no way this could do anything but help you to live a more healthy life!

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