The best kind of dental work is the kind you don’t feel! I went to Dr. Boyajian to have my last 3 Mercury fillings removed and replaced with inlays due to wear and cracking.  Dr. Boyajian offered to remove all three fillings and restore them with inlays in his office in just one visit. This saved me the time and hassle of going back and forth for appointments. During the procedure, Dr. Boyajian was efficient and caring and the procedure was painless. In fact, the next day I had almost forgotten I had all of this done until Dr. Boyajian called to check in on me. All of the staff, including front desk were professional and kind.

Leah L. |  Los Angeles, CA  |  5.0 star rating  9/11/2019

Dr. Boyadian was amazing and very gentle and patient with me since I told him I was terrified… so many bad experiences since childhood with dentists and the sheer sound of a drill sends me into panic… I was not afraid at all and there was no pain or discomfort whatsoever!
Will return to have the rest of my amalgams removed with him and next time I will not have any fear at anxiety!
Well worth the money!

Annukka V.  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  5.0 star rating 7/4/2019

I love my dentist! He saved my life in one day!
I am so grateful for Dr. AJ Boyajian! He is young, professional, gorgeous, a family man, & a life changer!
I thought an angel came down from Heaven!
I also want to thank his beautiful staff including Jenny, LeJon, Monica, & Christina from the very bottom of my heart. His staff makes you feel special, welcome, & they always make sure you are comfortable.
I came in this week with the most incredible throbbing pain shooting into my eye and affecting my hearing so much that I could only hear muffled sounds out of my right ear. I honestly thought I was going to die from the pain and suffering. I had gone to a dentist here in my hometown of Bakersfield that temporarily deformed my face and led me to believe that I needed three root canals after they attempted one root canal and sent me home midway because they couldn’t finish due to the large bacterial infection. I came home in tears with the same aching teeth plus cellulitis in my face (look up images on google – it is hideous & frightening), and then my pain was doubled when my husband came home from work and looked at me with horror at the deformity of my face on the right side. It was as if I had a cantaloupe inside my cheek and I had bruising below the cantaloupe cheek and almost a blackeye from the pressure of the infection that Bakersfield dentist sealed up and left inside my face.
In my heart, I knew I could never go back to this dentist (and also thought I might die) so I reached out to Dr. Boyajian who saw me immediately and squeezed me into his schedule between other patients so that he could begin to repair the horrifying damage done to me in Bakersfield at a very reputable dentist who claimed to be mercury free and biological.
I had previously been a patient of Dr. Glenn Sperbeck but wanted to find a dentist closer to home and when he retired, I thought I would never find another dentist like him. Honestly, you cannot trust all professionals; you must test them for yourselves. And let me tell you, I put Dr. Boyajian to the test by showing up with the worst dental mess ever! Dr. Boyajian was amazing! He calmly assessed my situation with such gentleness and confidence while allowing me to express my concerns and in return, he presented me my options. I liked everything about him including his wisdom, his kindness, his knowledge of both sides of dentistry having attended both Penn State & USC, and knowing firsthand through his daughter the dangers of non-biological dentistry.
I am over the moon with gratitude & thanks for the best dentist in the universe! I am thanking God every day for my angel named Dr. Boyajian!
Anna, the happiest patient ever

Anna M. – Olive Drive area, Bakersfield, CA – 5.0 star rating 2/8/2019

Dr Boyajian has taken over for Dr. Sperbeck and so far so great! Had an appointment with them today and I really enjoyed my time. Dr. Boyajian was very kind, calm and professional. In addition the staff seems happy.
I’ve been going to this office since 2007 I was very nervous when Dr. Sperbeck left but I am very pleased with Dr. Boyajian. And my teeth are happy too!
The name change is refreshing and modern!
Asra K.  |  Los Angeles, CA  |  5.0 star rating 11/20/2018

Had a teeth cleaning with N’neka and she was very thorough and added some very nice touches that complimented the cleaning process. Don’t go without getting your teeth cleaned, you only have that “one” smile and why not trust it to N’neka? I already told you that she will do a great job, she’s very concerned that you are very comfortable during the procedure so that you have the BEST possible experience!

Jeff W.  |  El Segundo, CA  |  5.0 star rating 8/2/2019

I’ve had my teeth cleaned many times but Nneka took it to a new level. This was by far the most thorough cleaning ever. You can tell she enjoys her job which makes me look forward to coming back. The rest of the staff was very welcoming and seemed to be eager to making sure my visit was as good as possible. I have been telling my close friends about my experience and I highly recommend this place.
Clifton D.  |  Compton, CA  |  5.0 star rating 7/17/2019

Dr AJ Boyajian fitted me with an implant after I had a root canal tooth extracted. Just two days after the implant I felt like the tooth had always been there! It’s a few weeks later and I have to remind myself which one it is. It looks identical to my other teeth. Dr Boyajian spent a lot of time with me cheerfully and patiently explaining procedures to me. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Janis P.  |  Venice, CA  |  5.0 star rating 6/24/2019

I had been going to Dr. Sperbeck for over 30 years! He always had my best interests in mind, not just my teeth… but holistically all around with
my health and well being. I had mixed emotions about him retiring…on one hand, I didn’t want to lose him as my dentist—on the other hand, I was very happy for him since he put in so many years helping so many people. I am happy for him, he deserves to enjoy retirement.
I was wondering who could fill the shoes of Dr. Sperbeck? Well, after a few visits to the office (my wife and son are patients also), it turns out that the “new” dentist is Dr. Boyajian. He’s not new in the sense of just getting out of Dental School since he has had many years of experience.
Rather, Dr. Boyajian is the perfect fit to replace my dear dentist and friend, Dr. Sperbeck. I can’t imagine anyone else who would be the right person to replace Dr. Sperbeck. What do I like about him? Well, his temperament is calm, he won’t suggest dental work unless it’s absolutely necessary, and his work is impeccable. I get the feeling that he really cares about helping people.
Dr. Boyajian is not just a dentist. He elevates the profession as a true artist and takes great pride in his work. I’m very happy that Dr. Boyajian was destined to take over for Dr. Sperbeck, and I highly recommend him for any of your dental needs… Welcome, Dr. Boyajian… may you have a long and wonderful career at Dental Wellness Arts!

Richard B.  |  5.0 star rating 3/15/2019

Received referral here from a naturopath I go to (who has never been here) for a 3D cone beam scan for a possible infection. WOW! This place is my new place for dental work. Nice building and very clean, parking was easy. Walk in and staff is all friendly and helpful. Had my scan done and met with Dr. Boyajian for my results. He winds up doing to more X-rays for me at no charge and an ozone injection to clear up mild infected area (also at no charge). He is young, handsome and very kind and soft spoken. He did not rush at all and asked a few times if I had questions and said he will work with my naturopath when I have some work done. Made my next appt. and he said I can call anytime with questions or concerns. This is a great place with modern technology, can’t find anyone else around with this particular scanner. I am VERY happy and can’t wait to go back and see if this work helps with my health.

Cherie H.  |  San Pedro, CA  |  5.0 star rating 5/2/2019

Dr A.J. Boyajian (and his team) are the most wonderful group of people you could ask for to support you and your family with your dental health. From tooth cleanings to cosmetic dentistry they really have your best interests at heart. The front office staff are always cheerful and welcoming. The office is really nice. It has a big fish tank in the waiting room that my kids love looking at. But my biggest compliment goes to the captain of this toothy boat, Dr Boyajain. Around the office are paintings that he painted himself. Art is his passion project which tells you something about his character. He is a softly-spoken, super-friendly person and his skill at dentistry is just beyond words. A true artist. You see, for years my smile has not been right. After various veneers were put in at different times, I looked a little like bugs bunny. Even my Mom told me last Thanksgiving that I did not quite look like her kid (I am 45). I was embarrassed to smile – always keeping my lips closed in photos. Anyhow, one day I am going in for a cleaning and I chat to the doctor about what could be done. He said he could take a photo of my smile and then do an artist’s impression of what he could do. I loved the photo and after considering it for a few weeks decided it was a worthy investment. I accept his proposal and went in. Well, I am SO happy with the results. Seriously. The procedure was finished this morning. I face-timed my Mom as soon as I got out and she agreed that the dentist did an amazing job. I totally have my smile back. I feel like my original self. I really did not know that this experience was going to be so profound. Anyhow, Dr. Boyajian followed up with me by text via his personal cell phone to check up on me and I told him I could not be happier. So, I could not recommend their services enough. You won’t be disappointed. Plus you learn that a good dentist can be totally life changing. I know I am gushing a little, but sometimes you have to speak your truth and hope someone benefits from it.

Antony B.  |  Topanga, CA  |  5.0 star rating 2/7/2019

I was not happy about my “new” (I’d been going there for about 5 years) Dentist retiring. I loved being able to avoid traffic driving to a Santa Monica Office Building with Underground Parking. I loved finding Dr. Sperbeck and now here comes a new guy. It caught me off guard! The Good News is that the new guy is just as wonderful as Dr. Sperbeck. Dr. Boyajian is kind and competent and fully explains the work being done. All of the staff has stayed on and that tells me a lot. Easy access, comfortable surroundings, up to the minute equipment, fair pricing and a really nice Dentist and Assistants to make the experience as pleasant as can be. I’m prompted to say “Doing Dentistry Proud!” I felt it important to write a review in case any others are hesitant like I was to try out “the new guy.” PS. The plants in the Planter Boxes outside are also quite spectacular. These things are important to me. I’ve actually posted pictures of them on facebook to make my friends jealous. Ha! Superb Dentistry, comfortable office and good parking makes my smile extra pretty!

Jane M.  |  Marina Del Rey, CA  |  5.0 star rating 1/30/2019

“HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! These folks know what they’re talking about! They are very professional, they keep the patients involved in everything, and they’re genuinely concerned about our health. Again, highly recommended for anyone looking for a great dentist in the area!”


“A friendly, gentle and caring dentist who takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to dentistry and is interested in the long term health of your mouth.

His office is state-of-the-art, and he takes pride in constantly honing his craft, even after 25 years in the business. He does most of his lab work in-house, and specializes in TMJ solutions among other things, and will find the source of mouth problems so they can be solved rather than using short-term fixes.

I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my mouth!”


“Dr Sperbeck and his team are outstanding. As someone who has had horrible experiences in dental offices, Dr Sperbeck has changed all of that for me. I look forward to going without anxiety. Dr Sperbeck’s knowledge and depth about dentistry and his holistic approach is so refreshing and informative that I am always learning something new. Dr Sperbeck and his team are thoughtful, caring and compassionate and really go above and beyond.”


“I have been a regular patient of Dr. Sperbeck’s since a friend recommended him to me back around 1991. Dr. Sperbeck is knowledgeable and yet friendly. He really does have the latest in dental discoveries and he keeps a blog to educate interested patients. His staff has always been wonderful. The neighborhood where the office is looks as if it was a 1960’s movie set and yet a jets soaring overhead will remind you that you are only a mile or so away from LAX. I highly recommend him and his staff.”