Our teeth are living, active parts of our body. They are kept healthy primarily like the rest of our body is kept healthy: from the inside. Nutrients in our blood circulate in and out of teeth through the roots, providing crucial minerals that harden and strengthen tooth structure and prevent infection. That’s why we can’t ignore our health when considering dental treatment. Teeth are very much connected to the rest of the body. I think unconsciously we tend to treat them like they aren’t. It is secondarily (but closely so) that our teeth kept healthy from the outside by frequent cleaning and avoiding external damage from certain foods and substances.

The first point is what I want to draw your attention to. If toxins reside in your body because of ineffective cleanup, they will travel to your teeth. In a similar fashion, a malnourished body will not be able to keep teeth mineralized or cavity-free because it doesn’t have the nutrient stores to draw upon for it. Systemic inflammation and illness will reflect in a person’s mouth; however, it may be in different ways to different degrees depending on the person.

I’ve said many times before that the condition of a person’s dental health reflects his or her physical health. Thus, if your body is toxic, your teeth will be toxic or at least much more sensitive to disease. Please take care of your body, because your teeth are affected too.

In the next few posts, I’ll share some thoughts about teeth themselves becoming toxic and how that might affect the rest of the body.

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