I’ve explained how we use ozone in our dentistry in previous posts. After all this talk of nasty acid-making bacteria wreaking havoc on teeth, it becomes essential — for my ozone-using practice — to bring the greatness of O3 into the picture!

Ozone eliminates bacteria, and is, therefore, the perfect solution to cleaning an infected tooth. What’s even better, is that ozone treatment will just come in the form of ozonated water or an ozone gas. Continual application of ozone to the surgical site promotes sterility, while also speeding up the process and recovery. Ozone therapy does not cause any negative side effects or allergic reactions in patients. It simply allows the natural immune system to fight off infection.

Using ozone for cavity treatment makes the filling or restoring process much easier and smoother. Guaranteeing sterility to avoid worse problems later is crucial during any serious dental work, and ozone does the job well.

Dr. Boyajian, Los Angeles


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