“Cavity.” The word does not sound as menacing as “rotting enamel” or even “tooth decay”, but that’s exactly what cavities are. Unfortunately, cavities are so common amongst individuals ranging from young children to the elderly, that everyone dismisses them as normal and easily repaired.

But is there something we aren’t considering? We were made with teeth, and we need them to chew and digest our food to survive… so something is wrong if they are showing signs of decay!

Cavities form from acid-producing bacteria and their acidic waste caused by sugars that they consume. Plaque, the substance left behind by these bacteria, accumulates all around the tooth, down along the gum line, and in all the cracks ‘n’ crannies (large or microscopic) that compose of the enamel crown. Tooth enamel is made mostly of calcium, and this acidic plaque nesting against it causes it to literally rot and wear away. When the decay forms a breakthrough — a completely hole through the enamel — it is now a cavity and must be filled before the vulnerable dentin & pulp inside becomes infected.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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