Prevention is definitely your best bet for avoiding cavities… but what if it’s too late for you? What if the cavities have already formed, or you thought your mouth’s health was top-notch and sneaky cavities still wormed their way through your teeth? We’ve already discussed a little bit about fillings, but if the damage requires more than a small composite filling, a larger, stronger restoration is needed.

This is where the CEREC system comes in handy. A crown, inlay, or onlay will be formed for the damaged area out of a strong ceramic material. This ceramic behaves similarly to natural tooth enamel, therefore maintaining (or, in this case, restoring) a tooth’s natural strength and durability. It is also minimally invasive, meaning far less of the healthy tooth is “shaved down” to fit something such as a toxic and malleable amalgam restoration. Results are both functional and beautiful.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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