Hi, folks! It’s been a busy couple of months of traveling and learning around here. I am two months into a ten-month course on what is probably the best dental implant education you could find — designed for dentists, of course, unless you’re really curious and care to commit the next year of your life learning about implant surgery. The classes are held in Puerto Rico, where the head surgeon lives, which means each month, for one week, I fly to Puerto Rico, learn about and work on implant surgeries, and come home for three weeks to repeat the routine. Like I said, we’re two months into this, and I’m already feeling the wear-and-tear of such frequent flying. This course is fabulous, and I’ll tell you why soon. But I think by the end of it I will be done signing up for classes out of state. That is, unless a particular course is especially intriguing. Sometimes I can’t resist.

I have a lot of great things to share about what we’ve done so far, so the next few posts will have some fun information and pictures. Stay tuned!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


P.S. I’ve been a little awed by how many internet users are looking for answers for solving pericoronitis issues. Soon I will try to help you out. For now, read this.

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