Another extremely important trait that The Pankey Institute develops in its dentists’ methods is consultation of fellow dentists or other specialists in order to get the best possible input, and thus make the wisest, most beneficial decision for the patient in certain cases. Dentists don’t know everything! This is why he/she may refer you to an endodontist (tooth-innards specialist) if the insides of your teeth — the pulp, nerve, etc. — are infected; or maybe an orthodontist for braces; or a periodontist for gum disease or dental implantation. A dentist practicing general dentistry may not have the expertise an oral surgeon might… and so on.

All of these experts schedule extra time — outside of daily office appointments and patients’ time spent in the chair — to compare opinions, knowledge, and information… “teaming up”, if you will. This is called Interdisciplinary Dental Care. Interdisciplinary Dental Care is extremely valuable for bringing you the best possible results.

And taking a second… or third… or twentieth… approach to a certain problem is never a bad idea, right?

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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