Well I can’t believe I am doing this, but it seems like a good idea to lead by example and share with you how I brush my teeth. Please bear with me.

My routine is preformed 2 times daily, once in the morning and once before bed. I am consistent six days a week, although it may vary depending on how tired I am.

The sequence is floss, then brush, then hydrofloss. Not very exciting, but very practical.

Flossing needs to be taught to you by a dental professional. I use the “wrap around the middle finger technique” that leaves the other fingers free to direct and control the floss. I will floss each side of a tooth ten times. Any floss will do, but I prefer the non-waxed floss because it gives me satisfaction when I hear it start to squeak. I like to floss first because I then use the brushing to remove the dislodged bacteria .

Brushing should take at least four minutes by the clock. How much day dreaming can you do looking at yourself for four minutes twice a day? I find an electric toothbrush to be more efficient and I can very effectively brush in 2 minutes. I use a Rotadent because I think it is the best on the market.

Next is a tongue scraper. This helps with odor control.

Lastly I use a waterpik called a Hydrofloss, also the best on the market. I add a couple cap-fulls of BreathRX to help me with odor control.

Total time: 4 minutes.

Best wishes,
Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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