Last fall, I was told that using ozone in my dentistry would bring major changes to my practice; more convenience, less occupied office space, and a one-solution-works-for-all ease of use really has upped our efficiency and, yes, quality, too, of dentistry. For one, you may look forward to a quicker visit. Ozone, in the gas form, can reach into the tiniest cracks and crannies in your tooth, and cleanliness is guaranteed during your root canal or gum disease treatment.

Also, this high sterilization, unlike drugs, medications, or other harmful ways of destroying bad bacteria in your mouth (AND the good bacteria, for that matter), is completely side-effect-free, causes no allergic reactions, and works at the same level of powerful decontamination for every single person.

Ozone is particularly wonderful in that it maintains aesthetic qualities; it does not damage any tooth surfaces, other hard tissues, or soft tissues. Past methods of removing an infected area of tooth included actually removing the bacteria-laden tooth structure itself with lasers, drills, air abrasion, etc., to remove the bacteria! Practicing holistic dentistry and restoring teeth with minimal invasion of the natural structure, ozone works great for us. It almost “washes out” the infection with no deterioration, damage, or discomfort.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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