Ozone, a crucial and important element in protecting and purifying the earth, is typically considered unhealthful, even poisonous, to the human body. This is partly true. Ozone will have a “dry-clean” effect on our lungs when inhaled and it does cause respiratory problems when its presence is more concentrated, seasonally or otherwise.

However, ozone is the second most second sterile substance in the world, and many practical uses have taken advantage of this fact. The thought of being treated somehow with ozone probably seems scary, but ozone is an amazing asset to the dental industry. A small machine that we have makes a small change on the molecular level of the ozone, creating a gas that is completely sterile – even magnetizing itself to and destroying bacteria and germs – but is 100% safe for the human body. It is hypoallergenic and allows the body’s natural immune system to take over and recover from the infection or diseased area. No more chemicals, no more high-maintenance processes of keeping your mouth’s “construction area” clean, and no more worries!

Dr. Glenn Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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