Sometimes, sadly, teeth that have suffered major trauma cannot be restored or the patient has let the injury go untreated for too long. In these cases, a full tooth extraction may be in order. A dental implant can replace the missing tooth later once the area is able to be prepared for an implant.

If you are ever presented with a situation where a tooth is knocked out, call the dentist immediately for an emergency appointment. The tooth must be handled professionally within the hour for the best chances of saving it. Some new advances in scientific technology have lengthened the time an ejected tooth can still be salvageable; however, most people are not equipped with the supplies when the accident happens. It is best to call a professional immediately and follow his instructions.

If the natural tooth was not able to be restored, the dentist will provide the opportunity to prepare for a dental implant to replace the missing tooth. Steps will be taken to properly let the injured area heal and set a foundation for a strong replacement. Every case is different, but with the aid of ozone, lasers, and strong ceramic zirconium restorations, we can assure you that around here the best work would be done to restore a strong, healthy smile.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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