Modern medicine is bent on having us believe that unless something can be proven by science, it is not trustworthy as a remedy or cure for any disease. While this is a very good thing for our safety, its hand is a little too heavily suppressing the availability of alternative options. Most modern doctors, though their intentions may be perfectly upright, don’t put much faith in alternative medicine. Reasons for this vary. The point is that patients need to be aware that they have a choice in what kind of care they seek, and that it just might be better to go the holistic route even if a highly educated professional pooh-poohs the idea.

They might tell you the results of alternative medicine are inconsistent, unreliable, or dangerous. They’ll stress that there is so much more security going the “normal” way. They might say it’s fine to choose a holistic alternative if that’s what the patient is most comfortable with, but to not be surprised if it doesn’t work. “Alternative medicine is not clinically effective; is a waste of time; is this, that, or the other thing.”

Don’t buy into this. Approached with wisdom and skill, alternative medicine is the best route to take. Truly good health for a patient means permanent (maybe with occasional exceptions) independence from doctors and pharmaceuticals, which is a bad business model for them. So in spite of the major advances in knowledge and technology, they will not change their current methods that keep bringing patients back. Those methods keep us believing that our bodies are not capable of taking care of themselves; we need outside help and intervention. Thus, our focus stays on symptoms of disease — and suppressing them with drugs — instead of building disease-avoiding health altogether.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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