Are these two related at all? They are in some ways!

The biggest correlation between the two that comes to mind is TMJ ruining teeth or the alignment of teeth, therefore creating unsightly gaps, crookedness, chips, scratches, wearing, or even tooth loss. Cosmetic dentistry is to the rescue; but if these issues were caused by TMJ, they will continue as they have been and cosmetic repairs, such as implants or veneers, will be at risk for damage. TMJ may take a long time to treat, and it might be more practical to wait to “pretty up” until the root problems are solved.

However, if you have or think you have TMJ, always, always, always consult your dentist or a TMJ specialist before doing ANYTHING. It will save you great amounts of time, money, and hassle. Who knows? Maybe your case isn’t terribly severe and you can get that crooked tooth fixed faster than you anticipated! Yet if cosmetics are on hold because of undergoing surgery, the rewards of a beautiful, functionable smile are wonderful, even if you must wait a bit for the healing process to run its course.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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  1. Dr. Arash Hakhamian
    Dr. Arash Hakhamian says:

    There are many aspects of this article on which I concur with you. You have generated synapses in my brain not used often. Thank you for getting my neurons jumping.

  2. Arash Hakhamian
    Arash Hakhamian says:

    There are many things mentioned in this article I would not have thought of on my own. This material is inspirational, interesting and it allows the readers to open up their minds to original thinking.


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