That idea might sound quite odd and surprising, yes? This is brand-new in my practice. Read this for crucial background information:

The system is basically a small, easy-to-operate machine with several tubes, bottles, and buttons all over (I ordered and received one already), and an oxygen tank. In a nutshell, it works by locally and rapidly eliminating all “bad” bacteria to the place treatment is applied, therefore providing a completely sterile environment to work in. There are no adverse reactions or side effects to worry about. Also, when used internally, it also “magnetically” leeches onto bacteria and destroys it, but does nothing to the “good” cells and bugs in your body. This allows your immune system to fully recover and restore the infection quickly and effectively, and — the best part — completely naturally!

I met the two lead investigators of a national study on the use of oxygen & ozone in dentistry (at the very bottom of the pages in the link), Dr. Mollica and Dr. Harris, at the IAOMT conference last month. They were extremely informative and generous in giving my son and daughter-in-law demonstrations (they were sick with colds that weekend, and, by inhaling the vapor, were healed within a few days! No, oxygen/ozone is not limited to dentistry only!). In a few weeks, I will be attending a class of theirs in New Jersey, where they’ll be teaching dentists how to incorporate the practice into their offices and giving out all kinds of information on its uses.

More on this topic will be written; they told me it is going to change my dentistry like nothing else, and for the better.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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