If you read any of my previous posts concerning TMJ, I’m sure you’ve made some sort of connection between that and bioesthetic dentistry. There is, in fact, a grand relationship between the two!

TMJ stands for “temporo-mandibular joint,” (or, more plainly, your jaw joint). “TMJ” itself, or even “TMD” (temporo-mandibular disorder), both refer to problems with the jaw joint that affect your chewing system. It also involves your surrounding facial muscles, and even your whole head or neck. It is important, if you seem to be experiencing unexplained headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, clicking or popping sounds when chewing, crooked jaw movements, grinding or clenching teeth, or limited opening of your mouth, to see a dentist immediately, as TMJ in the long run will become much worse if it isn’t treated.

Bioesthetics comes in handy here. Bioesthetic dentistry restores the original, genetic bite that functions perfectly and is most comfortable and efficient. That lists everything that TMJ is not! Bioesthetics is absolutely perfect for treating TMJ, as it targets correcting the jaw muscles and alignment, where the root problem is. Not the chipped teeth (yet), or the mysterious grinding on one side of your mouth (yet), but the deep-down muscles that control every single movement your mouth makes. It’s wonderful! And everyone who undergoes treatment is enamored with the fact that they can stop taking pain medications, wearing mouthpieces at night, or crashing hard underneath an unexplained migraine.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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