I am glad you asked! As I rattle off so many great things about bioesthetics, I fail to list what, exactly, the process involves.

First, you must find a dentist who practices bioesthetics (call me if you live in Southern California). The process begins with procedures involving studying and analyzing your chewing system. A maxillary anterior guided orthotic (MAGO) is formed to temporarily correct your bite and relax or stabilize jaw joints and muscles. A MAGO is made out of hard plastic and shaped like a sports mouthpiece, and is designed to prevent further clenching or grinding of your teeth during this process.

Next, records are written and measurements of your jaw joint rotations in their natural positions are taken. A model of your teeth is made to determine what may be causing the problems and what must be done to correct them. Radiographs and photographs taken all around your face, neck, and mouth to help the dentist make the final diagnosis before beginning treatment. Then the ideal form for your teeth is molded in wax and the design is transferred to your mouth to test the comfort and functionality. Treatment begins after this.

The degree of treatment needed will vary from patient to patient. Some cases require just some reshaping or bonding of teeth, while others may need to undergo surgery and complete full mouth rejuvenation. Bioesthetics, as I mentioned before, though, allows the most conservative dental work to be done, so don’t be scared away by false visuals of half a dozen doctors surrounding you in a dark room with all sorts of sharp, whirring tools! Not the case!

After treatment, which can last as long as a couple weeks to several months, your natural, genetically original chewing system will be restored, and you’ll get to enjoy your new smile, knowing that your teeth and jaws are in their right places and working harmoniously together.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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