Working with the experts today gave me a new appreciation for their levels of professionalism. I scheduled a dental anesthesiologist for the administration and overseeing of my patients. Some people need the added support that IV sedation provides for common dental procedures. I am licensed to perform sedation, but it is always nice to have the added help on complicated cases…and with squirming youngsters!

I had two patients scheduled for treatment today; they were both small children, ages 2 and 18 months, respectively. The 2-year-old was my granddaughter, Rachel. I did not want her to associate a horrible dental experience with me, her grandfather. So Rachel received an injection in the waiting room and that was all she felt the entire appointment. No tears! Once in the treatment room I was able to perform traditional dentistry without the moving target episode. Another pleasant plus is she will not remember any of the appointment.

Please understand that dentists can perform at their best if a patient’s fear is controlled. I hope to never be a contributor to a patient’s horror stories. I still wonder if – and hope that – a completely safe drug for dentistry is in the making.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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