As I mentioned before, I am licensed to perform conscious sedation. I am licensed as #517. That shows how few in this profession have that ability. Part of maintaining possession of the sedation license is keeping up with the continuing education requirements. This is different from maintaining my license to practice general dentistry. This year I will spend 3 days at my alma mater, USC (go Trojans!), to take the required courses. I can honestly tell you that I am excited to attend.

The courses will be on:

1. Physical evaluation

2. Emergency Medicine

3. Monitoring and Clinical Emergency Medicine

Rarely do you hear of dental emergencies, which is good. Most emergencies are related to patient anxiety or fear. So, by preparing and keeping my staff sharp, I feel that we will make it a safer experience for my patients. An important thing patients need to know is that conscious sedation makes it even safer for the patient. You see, if the person is not fearful throughout the procedure, there is much less stress to the body and we avoid accidents that cause emergencies. An added bonus is you will not remember the appointment.

Now repeat after me: “Dentistry can be fun!”

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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  1. Adrienne Dennison
    Adrienne Dennison says:

    Ummm… it's not go Trojans, Dad, it's GO BRUINS! What happened to your first love? LOL.#517… that's crazy! How long have they been licensing for this sort of thing?And last question, can I have the sedation next time? The whining of the drill really drives me batty! I'd miss the good stories though….


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