The great thing about zirconium dental implants is that they can be installed in one single stage. If you’ve ever had the stomach to watch videos or clips of traditional dental implants being installed, you’ll see that there are many steps involved in putting the implant puzzles together; the installation process alone can take several hours, after a likely several weeks’ worth of appointments and analyses performed on the operation area and the teeth themselves. Not to mention, the fact that they are made with titanium, a metal, is degenerative to our health.

Zirconium implants, however, are made of zirconium, a ceramic material with a chemical compound structure similar to our own bone, and are installed as a single piece in a single stage. The crown or bridge is the only other piece, designed to be snugly fitted on top and join the “party of 32” in your mouth… or 28, or somewhere around that number, if you had wisdom teeth removed.

But anyway, the procedure is far simpler with better results. The single piece of zirconium provides fewer surfaces, cracks, and crannies for bacteria and, therefore, infections to grow. There is smoother osseointegration, or blending in with your facial bones like a natural tooth’s root, than the metal implants, which frequently give infection trouble and a difficulty establishing a sturdy root.

This is partly why holistic, metal-free dentistry is the way to go; metal in these proportions and the human body just cannot meld and work together.

Dr. Sperbeck, Los Angeles

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