So, why are these metal-free implants such a big deal? Why not just stick with what’s been handed out to us for years and years? It worked for everyone we know, right? Why not just go with the convenience of your community/family general dentist down the street who can take care of you in with a whip and a snap (not literally — the whip, I mean) and send you out with an entertaining bag of goodies? Why not see this dentist who may be your “regular” merely because of his/her friendly staff or toothpaste that doesn’t taste bad?

Well, there’s one reason, and it seems kind of obvious: you only have one set of teeth in one mouth in one head sitting on one neck, and you are entrusting it to this person in a white suit. The human body is a very delicate mechanism, and delicate care must be taken in turn. Most dentists aren’t giving that “delicate” care that works with the body’s chemistry, even though we may have quite the display of perfectly straight, white teeth. Very often what we don’t know CAN, in fact hurt us. It just may not be right away.

Where am I going with this? Well, most dentists use materials and chemicals that are not biocompatible (i.e. working with the body’s natural chemistry) or can be harmful if overused. Even when something claims to be “safe in small amounts,” those small amounts used multiple times throughout your life build up, and the resulting degeneration of your health is the same. This slower degeneration is difficult to reverse, and takes an extremely long time to recover from — a problem that those in their later years of age may never get to solve. Metals, chemicals, cleaners, sterilizers, plastic, drugs, commercially-produced oral care products, etc., can all wreak havoc on your oral health and, therefore, your overall health.

Holistic dentistry, in essence, is always seeking out ways to achieve the highest equilibrium of health, beauty, and functionality of your mouth through the most natural, biocompatible, health-promoting ways possible. Being a holistic dentist myself, keeping up on the latest science and technology and filtering out false or inaccurate information concerning oral health is crucial for bringing genuinely effective and health-sustaining care to my patients.

More and more of the population is suffering from poor tooth health nowadays. Gum disease, injury to the mouth, poor diet, oral infections, and countless other causes are affecting millions around the world, providing a steadily growing need for strong implants. Dental implants are for replacing teeth that have fallen out or been removed due to trauma or disease. Zirconium, as mentioned in this post here, is a ceramic material with similar chemical and structural build as a human tooth, making it a superb substitute. Zirconium has been shown to integrate into surrounding facial bones very well, unlike previously tested ceramics and other materials, especially metals. Zirconium implants also share a similar appearance to human teeth, providing a naturally beautiful smile. Generic dental implants are made with metal, and, like amalgam fillings, sometimes it shows through and doesn’t match your other teeth.

So here you have it — zirconium dental implants are strong, biocompatible, and pretty-looking. It seems we have reached that equilibrium, eh?

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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