From the picture below, you can see a sample of what a GALILEOS x-ray looks like:

galileos x-rays

What the picture doesn’t show you, however, is the ability to pan through the layers of each image from different angles. You know how CT scans show you multiple pictures of the same brain, only each one illustrates a different layer or “slice”? This is similar, except it would be like putting all the slices together and being able to zoom in and out, focusing on each one individually while still being able to see the surrounding environment. Remember that, because it’s an important point I will touch on later.

On a side note, watching your own 3-D skull on the screen is pretty cool. I hope it is an inspiration to patients. Cavities and other dental problems that you can’t see with the naked eye are easy to ignore, at least until there is discomfort, pain, or your dentist tells you your health (or life) as you know it is seriously threatened. Even then, some refuse to take action. Would this new ability to see inside yourself motivate you to establish healthier habits? You’d be able to see just how far those cavities reach, just how close your teeth are to falling out, just how far that infection has spread, etc. We might even discover problems elsewhere — tumors, for instance — that you would never have known were there until it was too late. Would seeing inside your face, particularly inside your mouth and teeth and surrounding bones, make these problems more of a reality for you, thus changing your mind about lazy oral hygiene?

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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