Low-radiation benefits aside, here are a few more practical things patients will find great about GALILEOS:

Comfort! You know how conventional x-rays require the film to be put inside your mouth, sharp corners poking in places you never knew existed? Well, we can kiss that goodbye. The GALILEOS unit is different. It stands up tall, about as tall as a doorway, with an overhanging piece built to encircle one’s head. The height of this piece is adjustable, catering to patients of all heights, seated or standing. It almost resembles an electric can opener… but replace the “opener” part with the head piece.

That imagery probably sounds a little more horrific than I intended. So here’s a picture:


The mouthpiece probably looks a little scary, too, but it’s not. You simply place yourself so that this piece is in the center of your mouth. I think just by looking at it you can tell its comfort is superior to having to clench down on individual pieces of film.

After you have positioned yourself in the right spot, what happens is the top unit circles your head to scan your mouth, jaw, and facial bones. The cone beam x-rays emit the lowest amount of radiation possible, so the hygienist or dentist performing your x-rays won’t be “running for cover.” Then super-cool 3-D images of your teeth and front portion of your skull are put into the computer for you and the dentist to view. We’ll check that out soon!

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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