Doctors love their technology and fancy gadgets… in case by now in today’s modern hospital or clinic you couldn’t already tell. That’s why I’m going to share my excitement about my latest and greatest addition to my office.

This week, I am installing GALILEOS by Sirona. Sirona is a dental company developing and manufacturing top-of-the-line technological equipment, imaging systems, and instruments catering to today’s most updated dentists. GALILEOS is a complete 3-D diagnostics low-radiation imaging system. Did you hear the emphasis on “3-D” and “low-radiation”?

First, it may help to understand conventional dental x-ray systems. X-rays are necessary for dental and orthodontic work today. Without x-rays, a lot of guessing — a scary word in the medical field — would be done on delicate and precise procedures, such as dental implants or root canals. You would steer clear away from a dentist who just “guesses” at which direction to drill (or not), right? That is serious trouble. But x-rays allow us to see below the surface without much hassle, which saves a priceless amount of pain, mistakes, and loss.

However, x-rays don’t come without their well-known and feared side effects from exposure to radiation. In each individual’s condition, it is best to be up front with your doctor about whether you are in good enough health to withstand that exposure with little to no problems. Generally, if you are taking good care of yourself — eating well, sleeping well, and getting fresh air, sunshine, and exercise — and not getting x-rays every single week for the rest of your life, you’re at a significantly lower risk of illness caused by radiation. I do believe that exposure should be as minimized as possible, though.

This is why I, the holistic dentist, am thrilled our new system uses lower amounts of radiation. And there’s a bonus: a clearer, more detailed picture — in three dimensions, no less! I’ll cover more details this week, but next time you’re in my office, get ready to see some pretty cool stuff.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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