Since it’s likely that the mercury levels in your body will quickly spike as your amalgam fillings are removed, you should consider paying special attention to your health (nutrition and diet, in particular) in order to supply your body with the best ammo for serious detoxing. I have the ability to refer you to nutritionists and health specialists. Pregnant/nursing mothers should not get the procedure done until they are neither pregnant (or trying to be) nor nursing. Those with known sensitivities to mercury should consult a doctor knowledgeable about mercury and its effects on the human body before attempting the removal.

Take special care of your diet before and after the procedure to help your tissues detox. Also pay attention to your physical health and alert your physician and/or dentist about anything negatively out of the ordinary.

As you can see, this is serious stuff! Mercury poisoning is no frivolous matter. Here are a few helpful links with content directed towards patients about the whys and wherefores of mercury and removing it.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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  1. Sarah currie
    Sarah currie says:

    If a mercury filling is removed with a rubber dental dam and nose oxygen, is there still a concern for nursing moms?

    • cesperbeck
      cesperbeck says:

      Hi, Sarah, thanks for commenting!

      Unfortunately, if a rubber dam and nasal oxygen are the only precautions taken, high exposure to mercury vapor and particles is likely. A few additional precautions are needed, but even then complete avoidance of mercury cannot be guaranteed. If you’re the concerned patient, you may want to find a naturopath who can help you with a safe detox regimen for you and your little one when you’re finished nursing.

      • sarah currie
        sarah currie says:

        Do you mind expanding on the additional precautions needed? I would prefer to do all that is needed at the time of removal!

      • sarah Popov
        sarah Popov says:

        Thank you for your response. I appreciate your expertise. I hope you don’t mind me emailing you directly. If a dentist follows the IAOMT recommendations for mercury filling removal, is there still mercury exposure? I have a primary tooth with a mercury filling and the tooth next to it has bad decay by the filling. I might be able to just have the decayed tooth filled and wait on the mercury removal for after I am done breastfeeding. Is that what you would recommend? They are very close together is my only concern.

        Thanks so much!


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