Holistic treatment is especially useful when treating dental injuries. Preserving as much of the natural structure of a tooth as possible is already priority; therefore, it becomes a matter similar to any other day’s objective: restore the tooth with minimal invasion, and allow clean healing so that the tooth’s natural strength and function is reinforced.

Dental injuries can happen in countless ways: car accidents, falls, sports accidents, work accidents, etc. Even rough-housing children commonly get their teeth whacked on, as I’m sure many frazzled mothers have dealt with. Hopefully those children haven’t had their adult teeth come in yet; if not, their baby teeth do not require the kind of work that adult teeth do because they will be falling out anyway. Of course, the area should be monitored over the years by the dentist. Always make sure you’ve got his stamp of approval. Their baby teeth are not as valuable as their adult teeth, but monitoring is definitely advised so any injuries do not impede or interfere with the adult tooth development and emergence.

Unfortunately, matters are usually more urgent and painful when dealing with an injury. It is also unfortunate that, when injured, a patient completely loses control over the condition of his teeth. Suddenly, serious damage has been done, and he needs an emergency appointment to determine the immediate fate of his dental health. It is a big difference from the day-to-day control he has (and probably takes for granted — take heed!) over his oral hygiene regimen that ultimately determines the general condition of his teeth.

The anticipation of injury, while not a very happy thought, is also a good reason to ensure that your dental and general physical health is good so the foundation for a healthy, strong recovery has already been set.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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