…is what bioesthetic dentistry is known as around the world. One incredible thing is that, by fixing up your mouth bioesthetically, the muscle and joint adjustments affect the rest of your facial muscle posture as well, and in a very positive way! Eyes open up wider, cheeks are lifted, jawlines enhanced, your smile is radiant, and your overall facial form glows with a younger, healthier, happier expression. Here, at www.bioesthetics.com, I found some inspiring before/after pictures you might like to see. Take a look here: http://bioesthetics.com/patient_cases.html.

I don’t mean to sound like a plastic surgery commercial, but the benefits are just too wonderful to disregard. Bioesthetics is simply an amazing field of work because patients receive the advantages listed above, along with physical comfort and functionality. Relaxed muscles; joint stability; beautiful teeth, comfortable, efficient chewing and biting; and longevity…who can refuse? Besides, plastic is synthetic; this is completely natural and good for your body.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles


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