The holidays are here, and that means lots of goodies are being baked, which means those goodies are being eaten, which means there is lots of chewing going on. Do you have any problems with chewing, biting, or opening/closing your mouth? Are you suffering any neck pain, jaw pain, or unexplained headaches? What about teeth grinding, an uneven bite, or painful chewing? Is your mouth crooked? Do you hear popping or snapping noises when opening or closing your mouth?

Whether your symptoms are subtle or debilitating, pay attention to them and talk to a TMJ specialist to see if anything can be done to fix them. My office is in Los Angeles, the Santa Monica area. If you live anywhere near here, by all means, set up an appointment and we will help you. TMJ problems should never be left untreated; we need our mouths to eat, and therefore live, right? If our mouths are not functioning properly, it can be detrimental to the rest of our good health.

Dr. Sperbeck, Los Angeles

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