By reading the information provided on this website, there’s almost no need for me to explain…well, anything! I’ve been using this system for a while now, and it is far superior to any other. The picture is clear and sharp, yet captures the depth of the x-rayed area so thoroughly that it makes it much easier to see what is beneath the surface in your mouth. This increases dental precision and effectiveness.

What’s also great is that all of the files, pictures, x-rays, and records for each patient are stored digitally. No more sorting through gigantic file cabinets or spilling a super-thick folder’s contents all over the ground, mixing up patients’ films and records. As long as you take measures to keep your internet reliable (utilize at least two methods; for example, use cable/DSL as your primary source, and satellite as your backup), this is definitely a great time, money, and space saver.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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