As its name implies, periodontal review is examination of the health of your gums.

The first portion of the exam involves periodontal measurements which are readings, taken at the gumline with a hand probe, around each tooth. Measurements are taken millimeters. Healthy gums have a measurement of 0-3 mm and diseased gums are indicated by measurements of 4mm and greater.

Next we examine the gum tissue’s color and texture. Healthy gums are firm and do not bleed. Gum tissue responds rapidly to disease and when disease is present, they will change in color appearance and may begin to bleed.

We also check bone height. The bone supports the tooth and is very susceptible to bacterial infection and trauma from clenching and grinding.

Finally, we examine the esthetic component and look at how the gums line up in relationship to the smile line.

Dr. Sperbeck, West Los Angeles

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